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The Robinson Family

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Family in 1922.

Meme (Gordon) Dinah (10) Peter (9) Stella (7) Jean (3)

Dinah aged 1 and Meme aged 2 1/2.
Dinah and Nana (Dinah's mother Ethel) and James aged 2. 1952..
Gordon Robinson and James Spottiswoode at Dinah Spottiswoode's flat in Brook Green London sometime in the 80's when Gordon was over from Australia. It was the last time I saw him and he had just explained to me the crash that ended his career in WWII. "And then the fan stopped...," he said.
Dinah Spottiswoode's mother, nee Ethel May Saunders, at age 18.
This is, I believe, Dinah's father's (Herbert's) family. Dinah wrote on the back "Herbert, Sarah, James, Alfred, Father, Grandmother, Mother, Ethel, Clara."
Family froup from 1932
Family group from 1940 showing father, Peter (soon to die in the Battle of Britain) and mother and woof.
Gordon Robinson in RAF uniform.
Dinah's mother on January 22, 1936
Brookside School photo in 1919 showing Dinah and Meme
Gordon, Herbert and Peter Robinson 1940.
Gordon in cockpit 1941.
Peter Robinson at The Chantry April 13, 1914.
Madeline at Sawbridgeworth 1914.
Peter, Mother and Stella at Oakfield 1916.
Stella, Jean, Gordon, Mother & Meme April 27, 1941.
Dinah and Mother as bridesmaids 1930.
The Chantry, home of Ethel and Herbert Robinson till 1915-1916.
Dinah, Jean, Meme, Stella and Mother 1958.
Dinah 1935.
Dinah 2 years.
Meme (date unknown)
Peter and other Battle of Britain Airmen
Peter in the above picture.


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