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Raymond Spottiswoode Photographs

(in approximately chronological order - hit thumbnails to see full size images)

Aged 8 months.
Aged 1 year.
Raymond & Nigel, April 2, 1914
At the beach 1914.
With nurse
.With Nigel 1915.
Nigel & Raymond (undated)
At Saint Julians.
With Nigel in 1919.
Aged 5?
Aged 7.
In teens

Pusey Street Oxford.

Raymond, Anne, ?, Alan Norton?, Margaret Kelly, ?, Roger Ormrod

Sitting on a rock in California.
In the high Sierras, California, 1938.
Raymond and Dinah in Ottawa 1945. "The beginnings of 3-D" (Dinah's caption).
At the wheel of Lancia with Norman McClaren in 1950 - 1951.
At the wheel of Lancia (in Harrow?)
At the wheel of his later Lancia at Old London



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