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Raymond & Dinah Spottiswoode's Family

(in approximately chronological order - hit thumbnails to see full size images)

Francesca & Dinah February 15, 1941.
Francesca (undated).
Roger & Dinah Ottawa August 1945.
Roger & Dinah 1945.
Roger & Dinah Ottawa August 1945.
Roger, Dinah and Francesca 1945
Roger and Dinah 1945
Roger and Roger Barlow 1945.
Francesca July 1945
Roger 13 months.
Francesca, Roger & Dinah January 1946 at the Grierson's flat 30 Cooper Street, Ottawa

Dinah wrote on the back: March 1946. A premature summer's day - 86 - it didn't last. There was still ice in the garden. Dinah, Roger & Nash Reed.

Roger October 1947.
James 9 months
Roger & James, 1951.
Roger (6) and James (9 months) Kingsgate.
Francesca October 1, 1951.
James and the Venables' dog.
Roger Barlow, Dinah, James & Raymond - Kingsgate 1958.
James (8) by Mr. Le Beau.
Peter wrote on back: Roger + Barbera Walters. Barbera Walters was a great friend of Ivy Hunter. Rode to hounds until she had a bad fall, always had ponies. Ended up with a Shetland which she used to pull a small trap.
Peter wrote on back: James at Gaping Gill in Yorkshire. He drove up there with Peter in the Black Riley (caps Peter's). Stayed with the church warden at Gargrave. Peter says it was a very exciting expedition - Clapbear (sp?) cave and all the pot holes that feed it. Picture shows James lobbing stones into the water.
James & Bob 1958.
Dinah, Mandy and Caroline Kingsgate
Mandy (6), James (9), Roger, Caroline (4) & Dinah
Dinah, Mandy, Bob, Anne & Caroline in garden of Kingsgate.
Dinah, Bob, Mandy, Anne, Puss & Caroline in garden of Kingsgate.
James in HMS Pinafore
Dear Bob.
James and Peter Davies in garden of Kingsgate, 1963.
Bob and Dinah in the garden at Kingsgate 1963.
James at Wrens, Westminster School 1963.
Roger, Francesca & James 1970 ?
Roger, James & Francesca 1988.


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