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Family Motto "Patior Ut Potiar"

According to Lewis and Short, a standard Latin dictionary:


patior, passus, 3, v. dep. (act. archaic collat. form patiunto, Cic. Leg. 3, 4, 11: patias, Naev. ap. Diom. p. 395 P.) [cf. Greek PATh, PENTh-, pepontha, penthos], to bear, support, undergo, suffer, endure (syn.: fero, tolero).


5. In clauses of purpose (final clauses; distinguished from object clauses with ut; v. C. 1., in which the verb itself contains the idea of purpose, the clause completing the idea of the verb), in order that, so that, so as to.


I. Lit., to become master of, to take possession of, to get, obtain, acquire, receive; constr. with gen., acc., abl., and absol. (class.; syn.: occupo, invado).

Note: The last definition is of the verb "potior." It is possible that the coiner of the motto took a liberty here in order to (ut!) get the neat reversal of vowels.


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